Four Ways to Walk Your Weight Off

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We’ve given you a lot of tips for incorporating exercise into your day, sticking to your workout routine, and even how to exercise more consistently. The truth is though, exercise is hard, and the ThrivePass team can certainly sympathize with those of you who are struggling to stick with it. On early mornings, rough weeks, and excruciatingly hot days we’ve all said sayonara to the gym at one point. If you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle when it comes to weight loss, try to walk your weight off instead. For those of you who have a habit of dropping workout regimens (we’ve been there too), walking is an easy to follow, accessible workout that is easy to do, even when you don’t want to.


Take to the Hills

Believe it or not, you can actually walk your weight off. As is the case with any exercise there are some sure-fire ways to maximize calories burned. Walking from the parking lot to your office chair is not going to do the trick. If you’re trading in your dumbbells for walking shoes you really need to walk aggressively. That means finding routes that incorporate hills or steps, and a length that will actually get your heart rate up.
Walk Faster

The average person must take 26,500 steps to burn 1,000 calories (your 10,000 step goal is looking pretty good now, huh?). While that number may be daunting, it’s really just 5 miles, which in a day is fairly doable. If you still think you can only stretch your legs for about half that distance, compensate by walking at a faster rate. Aim for 5-6mph if you’re going to walk a shorter distance, and still want to burn roughly 1,000 calories.


Mix It Up

The more muscles you use in a given workout the more calories you burn. If you’re hoping to really shed some pounds by walking, add in some calisthenics while you walk. Every ten minutes, do ten walking lunges, every twenty do twenty jumping jacks. Not only will this break up the tedium, but it will increase your heart rate and burn more calories.


Longer Routes

Yes, obviously, the longer you walk the more calories you’ll burn. If you’ve decided to walk as your main form of exercise you really need to challenge yourself, and make it worth while. For walking to count as cardio, you should boost your speed to 3-5mph and walk for at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week. If you’re finding it hard to stick to the daily requirement, you can choose less frequency but higher difficulty. That means hour-long walks, at a brisk pace and incorporating calisthenics.


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