The ThrivePass 9-5 Series

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With summer coming to a close, you may find your schedule less packed with corporate barbecues, and co-worker happy hours. With fall comes earlier sunsets, and a busier workload. In preparation of the upcoming shift in seasons, we’re supplying you with a new ThrivePass wellness series. Balancing work, school, life, and more can take a serious strain on your body, but we’re here to help.


With our new ThrivePass 9-5 series we hope to give you some tips for staying healthy with a full-time job. With individual posts on diet, work-life balance, exercise, mental health, and sleep we’re providing you with a how-to-guide to holistic health. In the upcoming weeks we hope to see you transform yourself from worn-down worker bee, to a thriving (and healthy) corporate champion.


Stay tuned for all upcoming posts by following us here and on Twitter and LinkedIn. As always, let us know how you’re staying healthy from 9-5 by commenting below.

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