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Maintaining your wellness depends largely on your day-to-day routine. If you’re indulging in unhealthy snacks, sitting instead of standing, or stressing instead of staying calm any healthy decisions will ultimately be offset by your daily mishaps. It may be easy to plug in a 30-minute exercise three times a week, but to truly transform your life and wellness your whole day needs to be retooled. Here are some simple tips to staying healthy from 9 to 5:


9:00 am – 1: 00 pm:

Mental Health –  Staying healthy means keeping your mind healthy as well. To ensure a calm, stress-free day, start your mornings off with 10-minutes of meditation. We’ve touched on the medical benefits of meditation before (check them out here), but the key to a great morning is finding some time to relax, and focus before the day begins. Another part of your mental health is your interaction with others. If your day begins in line at Starbucks, say something nice to the person behind you, or hold the door for a stranger. Good attitudes and good deeds are contagious and will often improve your mood faster and for longer than any personal changes.

Fitness – A key to staying healthy is beginning your day with a workout. Starting your morning with a brief workout can help boost your metabolism, decrease stress, and wake you up for the day ahead. We recommend heading outside for a morning run, walk, or anything in between. Spend 20-30 minutes at a brisk pace to help burn calories and start your metabolism. Also, seeing green is proven to alleviate stress, and improve your overall health. In fact, studies have shown that patients in hospital rooms with plants recover faster, have less anxiety, have lower heart rates and blood pressure, and are often released earlier than patients without plants.

Nutrition – Your body takes some time to wake up in the morning, so ease into the day with a few nutritional hacks. Before your morning tea or coffee, have a large glass of warm lemon water. Lemon water can improve your body’s pH balance, and flush out any toxins. It also helps wake up your digestive track, improves your body’s ability to absorb nutrition, and even aids weight loss. For breakfast aim for foods that combine good carbohydrates, fiber, and moderate amounts of protein. Breakfasts like oatmeal, Greek yogurt, and egg whites are good for you and fast for on the go worker-bees.


1:00 pm – 5:00 pm:


Mental Health – When staying healthy from 9 to 5, the midday slump can be a tough contender, but there are simple tricks to push back against mental weariness. First, we recommended stepping back from your desk and taking some deep breaths to clear your mind. If you’re finding it hard to focus, it could mean your eyes are strained and need a break. Switch to something that doesn’t involve staring at a computer screen, or go for a coffee run to a nearby shop. If you’re struggling with tedious tasks, switch up what you’re doing when your mind starts to crave more excitement. Intervals, roughly 10-minutes at each task (if appropriate for your job) can help break up a long day.


Fitness – While research advises moving every hour for at least two minutes to prevent any sedentary weight gain, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s official recommendation is 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week, for an adult. That means that the goal is to fit 30 minutes of exercise in five days a week. If you have an hour for lunch, consider using half of your time for a walk around the block. Otherwise, use some of our quick tips to incorporating movement into your day.


Nutrition – Lunch can often be the hardest meal of the day in terms of health. While it may be tempting to grab a burrito on the go, or make a buffet from vending machine treats, planning ahead and staying organized can help your lunch breaks remain healthy and filling. For those who are able to plan ahead deciding on, and making a week’s worth of lunches on Sunday is a great way to ensure a healthy, balanced diet. Freeze full meals in Tupperware, so when the morning comes you simply slip them into your bag, and microwave at lunch. Choose complex carbohydrates that improve your metabolism, and opt for proteins that offer sustained energy like lentils, quinoa, acaí smoothies, salmon, chicken and kale, for more ideas check out this site.

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